As a member of IASH, you have access to all conference/symposium proceedings. Generally, the presentations are published within two months of the symposium and the manuscripts are added as they are received from those speakers who agree to prepare a paper.
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The association was initiated by the vision of Nahum Por, a scientist at Oil Refineries Ltd. with the support of the Israel Institute of Petroleum & Research, when the Long Term Storage Stabilities of Liquid Fuels conference was held in July 1983 in Tel Aviv with 120 delegates in attendance from 11 countries.
His initiative and incentive were instrumental in the formation of the International Association for Stability and Handling of Liquid Fuels (IASH) three years later in 1986. The words “and use” were added to the name in 2005. In over three decades since that first auspicious meeting, IASH has become the world’s foremost international organization devoted to all aspects of the stability, handling and use of liquid fuels.